I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I ventured from my home in LaSalle to Windsor, revisiting touchstone places that hold meaning for me: the house on Queen Street where my father was born and my grandfather died, the tree where I climbed with J.T. Hurley in 1978, Leslie's old house, my old home on Cameron Avenue, my old elementary school, Grandpa Ted's house on Lincoln Road. 

Following first 200 km ride, 2021

Cold weather riding, 2021

Author and J.T. Hurley, Detroit River Park, 1978

Martindale and McEwan Avenue, west Windsor, summer 2020

Bernard's "laser bike" tri bike, Hallowe'en Day 2020

Department store bicycle after snapping in half during ride, May 2020

Sky-blue mountain bike, late May 2020

New cold weather gear

November 18, 2020, commemorating 10,000th km for the year with an awkward, frowning selfie

On first group bike ride, 2021

Detroit skyline, 2021

Canard Road approaching Malden Road, storm coming, 2021

Visiting Dad in the hospital, August 2021

Thin tires on the Kilominator, summer 2021

View of Ouellette Avenue from Hotel Dieu Hospital, August 2021

Dad being readied for transport to London. One moment we were have a nice conversation, the next moment the transport unit arrived unannounced. Dad rolled with it.

Transport ambulance driving up Goyeau Avenue, taking Dad to London

Dad's bed in London hospital

View from Dad's hospital room window in London

Shore of the Detroit River at Black Oak, looking toward Zug Isand, 2021

Zug Isand, 2021

Ambassador Bridge January 2, 2023

Detroit skyline from Windsor riverfront path, January 2, 2023