Long Rides

After making great use of the routes I carved out among the rural routes and concession roads surrounding LaSalle and Amherstburg, there came a time where I wondered if I was up for a longer ride: to Essex, Tilbury, Chatham, Leamington, Kingsville, Point Pelee, the circumference of Essex County.

Mist on Martin Lane, summer 2020

Purple dawn, bridge over mouth of Canard River, heading into Amherstburg

Path leading out of St. Williams Cemetery, 2020

Point Pelee maintenance area, Thanksgiving Day 2020, 146 km ride

St. Williams Cemetery, Emeryville, 2021

Eerie morning stop, solar panel farm, 2021

Empty county road at sunrise, 2021

1st 200 km ride

Far from home, July 2021

Thames River, 200 km ride to Chatham, May 2021

Tecumseh Parkway, on ride to Chatham, May 2021

Ride into Chatham, May 2021

Kilominator reflected in window

Headstones along the side of the road

Heading home from Chatham, May 2021

On a stop in Tilbury, July 2021, on first 200 km ride

Middle of nowhere

Stop in St. Joachim for water

Middle of nowhere (near Lake Erie), 200 km ride, 2021

Colchester, July 2021, first long ride with new road bike

Finn Lane, August 2021

Lighthouse Cove, Labour Day Weekend 2022

Lighthouse Cove, Labour Day Weekend 2022

Fastest ride of 2022

Last ride of 2022
(on indoor trainer)

Last week of rides, 2022

Longest ride of 2022