Emeryville holds a special place in my heart. It's a frequent destination of my rides. The Kilominator opens with a scene from an early Sunday morning in August of 2020 when I was caught in a thunderstorm and torrential downpour while in the neighbouring locality of Puce. 

St. Williams Cemetery, Emeryville, August 2020, just before the deluge described on page one of The Kilominator

Wallace Line quagmire, following deluge described in book, August 2020

Sunrise in Emeryville, winter 2020

Jesus statue in St. Williams Cemetery, Emeryville, winter 2020

Cold morning ride to Emeryville

Pews of St. Williams church outside gate of St. Williams Cemetery, Emeryville, May 2020

Formerly St. Williams church, Emeryville, spring 2020

Resting in a pew after one of my first rides to Emeryville, spring 2020

St. Williams church, Emeryville, 2022